Getting to Finca Caballo Loco

Finca Caballo Loco is located in Costa Ricaís Central Valley of on the west side of the capitol city of San Jose. The nearest town to us is Ciudad or (Villa) Colon and the immediate surrounding area is called "El Rodeo", home to the world famous "University for Peace". Since we still donít have physical addresses in Costa Rica the following directions in English and Spanish will get you here. We can also arrange for transportation should you need it.

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Directions to Finca Caballo Loco


Take the main highway west past Escazu, past Santa Ana to Ciudad Colon. At the "No Hay Paso" sign turn right at the Gas Station, go 100 meters (1 block) and turn left, go all the way through town on that road and at the top of the hill the road veers left, at the junction with the road to Puriscal you make a hard right at the blue and white pulperia (corner store) following the signs to "La Universidad Para La Paz", follow this road "El Rodeo Drive" for 6 kilometers (3 miles) to the village of "El Rodeo". Stay left on the paved road passing the fenced play area and "Memo Market", take the right turn onto a gravel road just before the main road starts going uphill to the U for P, follow a green mesh fence on your right for 100 meters (1block), turn right again and follow the long white wall down the hill, cross a cement riverbed and small waterfall on the left and keep going approximately 800 meters (¾mile),past Rancho Doble L, past a long Bamboo Fence, past "Quinta Beatriz" to the bottom of the hill.

Our fence is brown and white, press the buzzer to the left of the gate.

Finca Caballo Loco is about 800 meters (¾mile) from the village of "El Rodeo"

Do NOT go to Piedras Negras!!!!!!!!

Krysia Peterson, Jungle Rider
(506) 7010-1771 English / (506) 8386-4586 Español

Spanish Taxi Directions:

De la bomba entrando a Ciudad Colon dobla a la derecha y a los 100 mts dobla a la izquierda y sigue hasta llegar a la calle que va para "La Universidad para la Paz" tómela 6 1/2 Km hasta llegar al pueblo de "el Rodeo". Pasando "Memo Market" dobla a la derecha en una calle de lastre, en 100 mts dobla a la derecha de nuevo bajando una cuesta a la par de una tapia blanca, pase la cancha de fut, pase un pequeño rio con catarata, Rancho Doble L, y una tapia larga de bambú hasta llegar a la cerca café y blanca. Toque el timbre en el poste izquierdo.

Finca Caballo Loco esta ubicada a 800 metros del pueblo El Rodeo. No vaya a Piedras Negras!!!!!!!!

Krsia Peterson, Jungle Rider
(506) 7010-1771 English / (506) 8386-4586 Español

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